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Traditional Whistling Kettles - Stove Top and Electric Whistling Kettles

A whistling kettle makes such a great addition to a kitchen. There's something so comforting about a stove top kettle, bubbling away, ready for making tea or coffee. Then the gentle whistle starts as the water boils, and gets stronger and louder as the water gets hotter and boils away. Then we all know, it's time for tea!

We love traditional kettles for boiling on the hob or stove, especially if they whistle! And there's so much choice out there, from great brands such as Le Creuset and Alessi, to a whole range of colours, and even electric whistling kettles too! So we have put together a great choice of all the best whistling kettles from all the best retailers in UK.

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Choosing the Right Whistling Kettle

There are probably over 100 whistling kettles to choose from, and we have dedicated this site to helping you make the right choice. We have checked all the major retailers in UK to bring you the very best in a variety of whistling kettles. But rather than just list them all, we have tried to divide them up into categories so that you can find the right whistling kettle for you, including the most popular brands such as Alessi and Le Creuset, stove top kettles, electric whistling kettles, and a page to whistling kettles in all colours, including cream, orange, red, pink, black and stainless steel.

About Whistling Kettles

At some point in their lives, whether it has been to make a cup of coffee or tea, every person in the Western world has probably boiled some water using a kettle. The majority of folk these days tend to use an electric kettle; that is, a kettle with an electric cord that plugs in to the mains socket. They are relatively easy to use and cheap to buy, and you’ll rarely find a house without one.

However, before the days of ease and electricity, boiling water wasn’t as easy as the flicking of a switch. The electric kettle came on the market in the 1930s, but before then, the average Josephine would be using traditional whistling kettles to boil their water.

From the 1880s to the 1920s, cast iron kettles were used to heat water. Later, manufacturers used metals such as aluminium, copper, and steel. But all the kettles performed the same basic function. The device would be filled with cold water and placed upon a hot surface (either a fire or a stove). After five minutes or so, the water would begin to bubble and boil. The vapour produced by the steaming water would slowly build up, and suddenly shoot up the spout or funnel. When this happened, the pot would give off a whistling noise, an alarm as such, in order to alert the tea maker that the water was ready to pour. This whistle became so synonymous with making tea, that the pots were soon christened ‘Whistling Kettles’.

As decades passed, the style of the whistling kettles changed. Some were plated with chrome, others were made from ceramics. But the design was always the same: a round, flat bottom, with a handle, spout, and lid. That is, however, till the advent of the electric kettle. The traditional whistling kettles began to suffer a hit in sales, and their popularity declined.

However, as with all things retro, the time-honoured appeal of these whistling kettles has had somewhat of a resurgence recently. People are now looking to the past when designing their kitchens, and old style cookware appears to have been resurrected. Whistling kettles are now available to buy new, in much the same design as the classic ones. The bases are large and can be placed onto most modern oven tops. Nowadays (although the designs are aesthetically similar) engineers have also made kettles more environmentally friendly and energy saving, allowing the owner to save money and do their bit for the environment. And, most importantly, they still whistle!

It's best to purchase a whistling kettle new rather than used, then you will be guaranteed the kettle is clean and will last. Whistling kettles are a lovely addition to any kitchen, and can be a great wedding present for your loved ones. Happy shopping!